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Yesterday I asked if any of you would be interested in a post about my collection of vintage camera and a peek at my vintage inspired room and it seems that quite a few of you do! I grabbed my camera this morning and quickly shot some images of my room and the various things I have in it (they've been processed with the Paint the Moon - Vanilla Pop action for anyone wondering). Now my room is a little bare at the moment as it's recently been decorated but I'm gradually adding more things and will hopefully even have some furniture in by the weekend! In this post I'll be showing you around my room, my collection of cameras and explain where I got some of my accessories as well as my Pinterest inspiration board.

View of vintage inspired bedroom.

So here is the overall view of my room. My bedding was bought from IKEA a couple of weeks ago and the cushion on top was handmade by aunt with my name in cross-stitch. As you can see I have some of my own artwork on the wall! I love these prints that I exhibited at the beginning of the summer and I think they suit the room really well. The Betty Boop canvases were bought a few years ago when I went to Universal Studios and the black and white photos next to the bed were taken by me on a trip to Paris. 

I'm planning on getting some prints from Photojojo and Etsy to go on the wall at some point to suit the vintage camera and shabby chic theme that I've got at the moment. Etsy has a great collection of handmade and vintage products but it can be quite expensive, particularly as a lot of things are shipped from America. Not on the High Street is another online shop that offers handmade and unique products but is based in Britain and supports small businesses.

Bare vintage inspired bedroom.

The rest of my room is pretty bare at the moment as I haven't got any furniture yet. My shelves were second hand but we repainted them to suit the style of the room. I'm gradually going to fill the unit with my camera collection but I've still got a long way to go yet! At the moment I have 5 cameras on display, one on the way to me from Ebay and my DSLR and SLR in my camera bag. The frame above the shelve has vintage posters of Southend-on-Sea in it and has images of the beach and pier. You can also see my brand new suitcase (I've never had my own one before) that I bought for £30 at my local market, I love the polka dot print! Below you can also see my close ups of each of my cameras.

To get inspiration for how I wanted my room to look I created a board on Pinterest. I used it to pin furniture I'd seen in IKEA, other rooms for inspiration, prints that I liked and all sorts of other ideas. Personally I like to pin images of cameras, there are still quite a few that I'd like to buy! If you're interested in collecting vintage cameras for display but aren't a photographer check out Lauren Conrad's tips here.  Feel free to follow my board for inspiration for your own room as well. If you are planning on getting some old cameras do think about whether you are actually going to use them or if you just want them for display. There are hundred of cameras on ebay everyday and if you aren't bothered about them being in working condition you can easily grab a bargain. Yesterday I managed to score a Kodak Brownie Flash II for only 99p! Just remember that you will have to pay a fair bit in postage for the secure delivery of your camera, usually about £5. Below I've posted a few more images of things I have dotted around my room and a link to my Pinterest board!

Shabby Chic Pinterest board.

Shabby Chic Pinterest board.
My Pinterest Board - Click Here to View

This has been quite a long post but I hope you liked it!  I've noticed I get quite a few people viewing my blog but no comments so I'd like to say please feel free to comment on any of my posts, I'd love to know what you think!

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