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Wow its been a while since I've posted but I'm back again to bring you the sum up of my year so far. I've just got my results through and after all my hard work have been awarded a 1st (!!) for the second year of my photography course! I couldn't be more pleased with how this year has gone with my brand redesign, the launch of my brand new website and blog, some pretty amazing photoshoots and of course the first exhibition that I have produced. 

My exhibition took place at the beginning of June and, though stressful, was a lot of fun to produce. Having both planned and shown in the exhibition it used up a lot of my time; being run off my feet with jobs to do and spreadsheets to update I almost forgot I needed to put my work up at all. As it was I had some lovely lads helping me to wallpaper my exhibition board and nail up my TEN frames (most other exhibitiors chose to put up one or two!) within days of the private view, I do like to make things complicated! I'm so glad I did go with the wallpaper and the design of my frames though as it looked amazing!  

It's been a very busy few months with assignments and planning the exhibition which, thankfully, went very smoothly! Now I'm tasked with trying to book in some photoshoots and plan some more projects for the summer and the year ahead. So far I have...nothing (opps!). Ok, so I've had a few weeks off from doing any work whatsoever but I am now going to focus on selling my photos through stock agencies as well as selling prints and postcards (keep your eyes peeled!) and of course planning my next ventures and doing some all important research! 

Also in the next few weeks I will hopefully be blogging much more so you can get to know me a bit more and perhaps I'll find some inspiration along the way!



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