Day Out | Visiting Essex's Vintage & Handmade Market

So today I thought I would give you all a bit of a vintage fix. I got up bright and early - okay not that early - and popped into Essex's Vintage Makers Market. It was the first one of the new year (and the first one I've been to) but its going to be running monthly until the end of August so I'll have a few more opportunities to spend lots more money!

The market is based in Shire Hall at the top of Chelmsford High Street, if you know Chelmsford you've probably been past it hundreds of times without realising, just like me, but keep an eye out because there is the occasional event there like this one. In fact, the Essex Vintage Wedding fair had their first show here and now tour around Essex so if you're getting married soon make sure to check them out [updated July 2017]. The crew at the Vintage and Makers market put out this cute chalk board and balloons so its quite easy to spot and if you managed to walk past that you couldn't have missed this gorgeous display outside the front doors, you already know I'm a sucker for a vintage suitcase!

Once inside I took the tour of all the stalls featuring clothes, scarfs, telephones, jewellery, crockery, cupcakes, hairbands, bows, notebooks, cushions, crafts, books and goodness knows what else. Now I am a little bit broke seeing as I am a student but I took along the few pennies I had left from Christmas (yes I still have christmas money left I have been saving it!) in case anything caught my eye. Amongst all the lovely things my favourites had to be some 1950's inspired head bands, (I bought two!) and some fabric hearts and cushions by Louisa Art. Louisa has a range of gorgeous handmade gifts, her patchwork cushions are my favourites, and she also takes requests so make sure you take a look at her facebook page!

Vintage and handmade market sign, 1950s headband.

The 1950's hairbands are handmade by Niki and can be bought from her facebook page or made to order. I bought two of her double fabric designs, a red polka dot design with a floral design on the reverse side and a blue one with an anchor design, here you can see me modelling one for you! 

After resisting the urge to buy cakes I had a wander round the town to look for some more bargains. I popped in to one of my favourite shops, Tickety Boo, and browsed at all the lovely things I couldn't afford whilest simultaneously deciding that once I have my own place it will be completely decked out in Cath Kidston! 

I was all set to go home when I walked past Paperchase and caught sight of a vintage looking Coca-Cola calendar in the window. Naturally I had to go take a look where I discovered the calendar is actually from this year but features 12 old style pin up girls just like the recent photoshoots I've been doing. Luckily for me it was reduced to a bargain £2.50 so of course I had to get myself a copy!

So that concludes my vintage fix for the day, don't forget to leave your comments below and more importantly keep an eye out for the next Vintage and Makers Fair on 28th April and have a cheeky peek at some of the great products I've mentioned!



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